Beyond doubt you are the stars of your big day and everyone is there to celebrate your love and the beginning of your common life. But you need to make sure that your family and friends feel comfortable and happy, too. You don’t want your loved ones to remember your special day as an affected or boring event where participation was compulsory. Have a look at these ideas to help your guests have a good time at your wedding.

Fun at the Reception
If your wedding guest list is not too long, you can greet your guests with some easy questions about your common past, which they have to answer for a small token. They can be related to funny stories or important events, so your guests will be reminded of some nice memories with you and start the evening in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Who knows the newlyweds the best?
This game adds fun to your celebration during dinnertime, when everybody is full and may need a little pick-me-up before dancing all night. Create bigger groups among your guests and give them the same questions on a sheet of paper which they have to answer in time. Try to select questions about you and your spouse that are not too difficult, so that every group has the chance to win this game. The prize can also be something funny and memorable.

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Comfy equipment for the night
You are the prince and the princess of the dance floor and want to dance whole night long with your guests, but what about those pesky heels? Surprise the ladies with comfy flats and they are going to join you on the dancefloor. In the summertime you can help your guests withstand the sun and heat by offering them sunglasses or parasols. If you have a winter wedding ensure there are some warm blankets available at the reception.

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Come up with a special “guest book” to sign
Ask your loved ones to leave a lovely message for you and do this the usual way with an elegant notebook, the old classic, but there are many other creative options. The main thing is to ask your guests to write you a thoughtful message that you can then cherish long after the wedding is over. Choose your medium and let your guests’ creativity fly.

Free taxi service
Hire a professional driver or ask someone to be the driver at your wedding night to make sure that everybody arrives home safely. All of them will appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

“Thank you for celebrating with us” gift
There’s nothing better than sending your guests home with a cute and memorable present. Give them unique wedding favours with your photos or signatures at the venue or send them your group photo in a charming frame after the wedding.

And last but not least do not forget to upload your photos of every delightful moment to your .love website which you have created with