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Wedding Photography- How to choose…

Wedding photography can be full of pitfalls- make sure you don’t fall into any


Without doubt the photography of your big day is one of the most important aspects of any Wedding. It is critical that you get a photographer who understands the concept and theme of your wedding and will try their best to shoot the best shots accordingly.

It can be a brain wracking exercise as there are many photographers keen on getting your business for your wedding, it is a scary transaction as you are paying for something that you cannot see until maybe 2 months after the event and you are having to pray everything turns out ok! Scary right? well there are few things you can do to help yourself out!

Decide at an early stage as to what you feel would be the right photography for you, do you want posed photographs whereby a stage is set and you are invited to perform, or do you want a more casual and relaxed setting in that the photographer can be snapping away and you could be oblivious to this.

On this basis you can then narrow down the search to the types of photographer you want, it is then imperative you meet with as many as you can and choose the one you like.  You are going to be spending an entire with these people so it is important you like them so they can get the best poses out of you. If you choose someone you are not keen on, towards the end of the day when you are tired and you just want to sit down and the photographer suggests a couple of shots at the other end of the venue , it is unlikely that the pictures will be model-esque.

Ensure you get to see as much of their work prior to booking them. Try and go to their studio and see some of their previous work and determine if it is the right quality for you. From here you can also see if their price is realistic for what they are wanting to charge you. This can also help as normally a photographer will bring their best pictures with them and leave the others in the studio, ensure you look through an entire album and make sure they are all of the same quality.

More and more photographers are offering studio time before your wedding – this allows you time so you can get used to each other and how they will direct you. This will also help in terms of being able to review the studio pics before the big day, if you aren’t happy you can tell them before the day.

Finally make sure you go to as many wedding fairs as possible as the most popular photographers will be there and will be vying for your business, play hard to get and get them competing for you business and you cannot go wrong!


Looking fabulous in your dress- Choosing the best dress for you.


Choosing your dress is one of the biggest decisions in your life- make sure you choose the right one!


First things first, most girls have an idea as to what dress they thing they will be getting married in on their big day. You need to take a number of things into account prior to even stepping foot into the the dress shop;

  • Consider your body shape – choose the dress that helps accentuate your best features,
  • Think about any color schemes that you have in mind for the big day
  • Ensure that you go to as many dress shops as possible, this will help you compare not only prices but potentially different designers/styles.

Body types and dresses


It is exceptionally important to ensure that you choose the correct dress for your body type. Dresses may look lovely on a mannequin but that doesn’t necessarily translate into the dress of your dreams below are a few ideas for body types to dress styles to help avoid wedding dress fails;


Pear figure – narrow mid section which then flares out which helps accentuate the narrowness of the midsection and takes the eyes away from the hips

Petite figure- Sheath and close fitting dresses help accentuate your curves and makes the illusion of stretching your silhouette vertically.

Hourglass figure – fitted bodices work best on this shape as this helps show off your curves.



Shopping for the “one”

When shopping for your perfect dress there are number of considerations you must take into account prior to booking your appointments. You must take a close of your girls to come with you to not only help you keep on task but also help drink all that Prosecco! You must also try and book as early in the day as possible, as this will help avoid clashes with other brides – nobody wants a Bridezilla in their shop. You must also think about stylists, not every shop will have Vera Wang on the hangers, you have to consider your appointments accordingly.


Finally the best advice is to go and have fun! Dress shopping is something you and your friends and close family can all get involved in and they will definitely let you know if it is the right one or not as soon as you try it on. This is the one day where everything is about you – so make a statement!




Bridal hair- How to look Fabulous….

If there is one thing that I reiterate to all my girly friends is that you have to prepare, prepare and doubly prepare in the lead up to the big day, you don’t want frayed hair or ghastly split ends .On a wedding day the bride and the groom should look perfect, as if they`ve stepped out from a fairy tale.  Every little detail is extremely important when your big day is approaching, but don’t forget: you need to care about your hair a few months before your wedding date. If you follow our advice, you are going to be the dream bride of every hairdresser and your hairdo is gonna be gorgeous.

First of all, let your hair grow as long as you can and use treatments, moisturizing products suitable your hair type in order to have healthy and shining hair. Schedule your trims around eight or nine weeks and your hair will grow rapidly. You can prevent split ends with cutting them on a regular basis and also using plenty of conditioner while showering. Besides, there are several practices which are good to know, for example brush your hair before washing, not to brush to much while it is wet or lay off the heat styling tools.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the trial sessions. It means you have to book at least one day before the wedding and tell your plans to the professional who can help you can figure out the appropriate hairdo . There are many possibilities you need to decide on your trial appointment on like the colour, the style, the accessories, the length, if you want flower in it or not. We suggest you  gather and take photos of styles you like, ideas you would like to try and also be aware what kind of makeup you will wear, because everything needs to be in harmony. When you are at your stylist, keep an open mind about recommendations but ensure that you end up with something you really want.

Watch the ingredients of the products, most of them contain silicone and they do more harm than help. If you used too much silicon-heavy material on your hair you can solve the problem with using a clarifying shampoo and/or conditioner in the previous weeks. Thanks to the newer formulas you can buy silicon-free cleaning, conditioning and styling goods as well.

Beside the external cures the significance of the proper nutrition and the avoidance of extreme diets are indisputable. Get the essential vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables and fruits and consult with your dermatologist about the supplements which can cause noticeable improvement on your head.

If you colour or dye your hair, you have to make sure that you choose the best experienced hairdresser, and not to cut corners with your hair, because wedding photos and video are taken forever and you don`t wanna be a colourless angel on them. Refresh your colour or ask for highlights to reach the best texture and a natural effect. Maybe some of you are enough brave to make extreme changes in your colour, but leave it for later. Ensure that you avoid dying dark hair a few  days before your wedding, as this can leave marks on your forehead and neck. As our last recommendation, we are finding more and more of our brides are now going for loose and natural look, complicated buns are so not in right now.

If you take this advice, you will have hair that Rapunzel would envy on your wedding day.


W  X0X0


Be the Nicest Couple and Care of Your Guests!

Beyond doubt you are the stars of your big day and everyone is there to celebrate your love and the beginning of your common life. But you need to make sure that your family and friends feel comfortable and happy, too. You don’t want your loved ones to remember your special day as an affected or boring event where participation was compulsory. Have a look at these ideas to help your guests have a good time at your wedding.

Fun at the Reception
If your wedding guest list is not too long, you can greet your guests with some easy questions about your common past, which they have to answer for a small token. They can be related to funny stories or important events, so your guests will be reminded of some nice memories with you and start the evening in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Who knows the newlyweds the best?
This game adds fun to your celebration during dinnertime, when everybody is full and may need a little pick-me-up before dancing all night. Create bigger groups among your guests and give them the same questions on a sheet of paper which they have to answer in time. Try to select questions about you and your spouse that are not too difficult, so that every group has the chance to win this game. The prize can also be something funny and memorable.

Photo: Pinterest

Comfy equipment for the night
You are the prince and the princess of the dance floor and want to dance whole night long with your guests, but what about those pesky heels? Surprise the ladies with comfy flats and they are going to join you on the dancefloor. In the summertime you can help your guests withstand the sun and heat by offering them sunglasses or parasols. If you have a winter wedding ensure there are some warm blankets available at the reception.

Photo: Pinterest

Come up with a special “guest book” to sign
Ask your loved ones to leave a lovely message for you and do this the usual way with an elegant notebook, the old classic, but there are many other creative options. The main thing is to ask your guests to write you a thoughtful message that you can then cherish long after the wedding is over. Choose your medium and let your guests’ creativity fly.

Free taxi service
Hire a professional driver or ask someone to be the driver at your wedding night to make sure that everybody arrives home safely. All of them will appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

“Thank you for celebrating with us” gift
There’s nothing better than sending your guests home with a cute and memorable present. Give them unique wedding favours with your photos or signatures at the venue or send them your group photo in a charming frame after the wedding.

And last but not least do not forget to upload your photos of every delightful moment to your .love website which you have created with


Congratulations on Your Engagement! Let’s Start Planning the Big Day.

Romantic winter evenings, Christmas time, celebration together with your love. This part of the year is definitely the time when the most couples are getting engaged all around the world. Soon after you wake up from your lovely dreams and the excitement wears off, you have to start organising the wedding. Moreover, this won’t be just a wedding, this will be your wedding, one of the most important days of your life. Feeling the pressure, you might panic, but don’t freak out too much, because we selected the main steps which you need to go through to make sure you have everything organised.

First of all, sit down with your fiancé and share the responsibilities. You can avoid a lot of misunderstandings or fights during the planning stage, if you clearly assign which tasks are yours, which ones need to be done by him or her and which ones you should take care of together. Create and share a document in Google Docs or Sheets where you can record all details and information related to your wedding and allocate your budget. This document becomes your holy book for the next period and needs to be updated continuously.

After this you need to set the budget for your wedding. You shouldn’t choose anything before deciding on your budget because it will determine everything. Figure out all contributions and write down all the funds you have available in the spreadsheet mentioned before and then you can start to plan how to spend it.

As a next step choose the date and the perfect venue. Think of which season of the year you prefer and what kind of venue you have been dreaming of. Try to choose at least two possible dates and research the venues as soon as possible, because the best ones are usually booked a year and a half in advance.
Would you like to get married on a sandy private beach somewhere on the Caribbean islands, in a chapel with a rustic ballroom in Europe, or on the roof floor of a modern hotel in New York? The preferred style and atmosphere of your wedding can help you find the perfect venue: DIY, modern, vintage, fantasy… there are a million of styles out there! We recommend contacting and visiting the venues and discussing everything in person.

Begin to create your guest lists and take your time to finalize this. This might be one of the most difficult part to organize, because you would like to invite all of your loved ones, family members, friends BUT either your budget or the venue will set the limit on this. Create two lists, first you write those family members and friends who you definitely want to celebrate with you, and the other list should contain those people who may not be closest to you but you would still like to invite if possible, once you see if they “fit in the budget” or not.
Don’t forget there are fixed costs like your dress, the venue, the band, the ceremony, and variable costs which will depend on the size of your guest list (catering, favors, transportation).

You have the venue and the date chosen, you have decided on the guests, so now it`s time to research and contact the vendors who will make your day unforgettable and as perfect as you have been dreaming of. I won’t lie, it won’t be easy to find the best vendors at all, but if you spend enough time researching, reading reviews, and meeting them, you will be happy with your final choice.
The following list tells you what kind of vendors you need to take into consideration (each type of vendor should be recorded in your spreadsheet separately): wedding photographers, stationery, florist, bridal salon, DJ or musician, wedding planner, hotels, travel agency, jeweler, hairdresser and beauty salon, videographer, bar service, caterer, ceremony accessories, dance teacher, confectioner, favor and gifts shop, service staff, transportation company, wedding designer, wedding gift registry service. Make sure that you get your agreements with them in writing as well, and read everything thoroughly before putting down the deposit.

Once you’ve hired all of your vendors and discussed the main happenings of your big day, you can sort everything out together step by step.


7 Winter Wedding Ideas

June weddings may be popular, but there is something extraordinary about winter weddings. As the bride appears in her beautiful dress in a snow-capped land, it looks as a scene straight out of a romantic movie. Winter is the most sentimental season of the year, full of festive events, charming decorations and delicious meals. In the following article you can get some useful tips on how to make your big day in the wintertime unforgettable.

#1 Invitation Inspired by the Countryside
Snowscapes in winter months can serve as inspiration to make your invitation fascinatingly wintry by using extra white paper and hand calligraphy. You can make them unique with typical Christmas decoration elements such as pines, firs or cinnamon sticks.
But don’t forget: less is more!

Photo: Pinterest

#2 Cosy Wedding Photos
Find a romantic place at your venue and ask your photographer to shoot a few photos with a cosy blanket around you both. Then you can put your portraitabove your fireplace or upload to your wedding website created by in order to remember the most important day of your life and the time of year it took place.

#3 Winter Bouquet
Create your bouquet in a real winter style: natural cotton, firs, cones and winter berries provide an excellent look and texture for the accessories.

Photo: Pinterest

#4 Adorable Accessories
Sparkling jewellery, fur wraps, fuzzy jackets, bridal capes are just a few of many accessories available to winter brides. You can be subtle or daring and be as charming as the Ice Queen of the night.

#5 Greeting Gifts for Your Loved Ones
Surprise your guests with a personalised hot water bottle covered by cashmere with your personal thanks on it. This is undoubtedly not only a creative but also a very practical present for your loved ones.

Photo: Pinterest

#6 The Warming up DIY Bar
Hot chocolate for the kids (or the drivers), mulled wine or hot cocktails for the adults at a lovely DIY bar. Make the cups uniquewith your design custom sleeves and let people have fun creating their own wedding hot drinks.

Photo: Pinterest

#7 The Music
Winter weddings usually have an elegant ambience, so in order to enhance this festive mood you can hire a quartet band or a violinist, who are trained to play smooth classic music during the welcoming or at the dinner. Nothing is more romantic, than your opening dance to the music of Mozart or Beethoven.

+1 The Honeymoon
How cool would it be to travel for your honeymoon to the Bahamas, or to the Maldives from a place where there is ice and snow?
Spending your honeymoon with your other half somewhere warm and near a white sandy beach is not a tip, but rather a benefit of a winter wedding.

Photo: Pinterest

Let us know if you have more sweet ideas for winter weddings in the comments below!


The A Team: Bridesmaids, Hurray!

According to Wikipedia “The bridesmaids are members of the bride’s party in a wedding. A bridesmaid is typically a young woman, and often a close friend or relative. She attends to the bride on the day of a wedding or marriage ceremony.” But we all know that the bridesmaids are much more than just people who attend a wedding, they are the best friends from childhood, the sisters and cousins, the people who know the bride most and the people who the bride can count in every situation before and after of the big day. Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honour and responsibility. A bridesmaid has to support the bride, share the happiest and most worrying moments, help the newly engaged couple being organised in their roles. We have come up with four Key points to being the best bridesmaid you can be!

#1 Follow her dreams but keep it real

Brides sometimes tend to exaggerate their wishes and try to get things that are either impractical or unrealistic. Whether that be flying doves and butterflies, chocolate fountains, cute ribbons in the church they have to be kept in check for those things that are just too much. As bridesmaid you have to cater for her every need but temper that with some realism. If she is being too fanciful then you must be honest and say, rather than going along with her until she is disappointed later.

#2 Organise an amazing and unforgettable hen party

We believe that this is the event when you have to know the bride the most. Drinking as many shots as you can and dancing with a stripper are not always the most appropriate ideas for everyone. The time is here to put your heads together and find out which could be the perfect last party of her single life. Chill out in a spa for the weekend, or spend a few days in a small village far from everything and everybody, there are so many lovely opportunities to spoil her with. Don’t forget girls, the bachelorette party is being organised always for the bride, not for you or the hen party.

#3 Be the perfect ally in dress shopping

Have a look in her bookmarks and discuss with her what kind of dresses is she looking for. Every bride and every dress are different, take your time to try each dress on and be honest to help her in choosing the right one. As we are on the subject, let`s have a few words about the bridesmaid’s dress. According to the big book, bridesmaids are generally expected to pay for their own wedding-day ensemble (not only the dress but also the shoes, the accessories and the hair-makeup styling as well) which are mainly chosen by the bride. Of course, this is not a rule carved in stone, but be prepared to wear the bride’s choice of dress and pay for it!

#4 Handle as a princess in her own fairy tale

The real friends always want the best for each other, and it is especially true when your bestie`s wedding day is coming. Pay attention to every detail related to her presence on the big day, and you will do a perfect job as bridesmaid. You can make the whole preparing time more relaxed and wonderful with tiny touches and extras. Cook a dinner or make her a breakfast, because she is going to be stressed to the max in the run up to the big day and might forget to eat properly. Surprise her with a useful pack of cosmetics to keep her skin moisturized and healthy. Set a girly playlist from her favourite songs to make her remember the best moments.

All in all, be as perfect bridesmaid as amazing friend you are and provide your lovely bride plenty of emotional support during the planning and on the wedding day and you can’t go wrong!

READ MORE Your Virtual Best Man or Maid of Honor

Nowadays there are plenty of reasons to create an online platform for sharing your happiest moments and all the useful details of your big day, but you might need to know more about the opportunities in order to create a really beautiful and useful wedding website (AKA wedsite) which will last forever.

Organising a wedding includes so many aspects including, of course, the big day itself as well as all of the other gatherings and happenings before and after, like the stag or bachelor party the bachelorette or hen party all the way through to the honeymoon etc. The planning process for all of these is always a most heart-filled and beloved experience although it is without a doubt a significant undertaking and a big job for the newly engaged couple placing enormous demands of you and on your time. It is a big project to manage. As is the case with most significant occasions, weddings can have lot of hidden elements which are unforeseen in advance and to navigate your way through all of this you have to use all your best organization and multitasking skills. It sounds like the job description for a Project Coordinator role, right? Wedding planners do exist and charge an enormous amount of money to take on just this, however they are not really necessary if you put some available tools to work for you. So don’t worry! Your wedding is not just work, it is the happiest day of your life and proves your everlasting love, it just needs a little help to make it as perfect as your most cherished dreams.

The structure and tasks of weddings haven’t changed a lot in the past few decades but with the spread of the internet (Hurray!) you now have the capacity to build a wedsite where you can collect and share all this required and useful information: directions, venues with maps, details of the schedule, facts about the couple like how they met and fell in love, RSVP`s and wedding gift shop registries. Let me introduce you to, a pre-built solution which supports you in getting your wedding website up and running in minutes.







 allows you to coordinate everything in one place. The coolest characteristic of the site is that you can have a really unique .love domain combined with your first names, surnames or nicknames, so you can get have a beautiful and unforgettable wedsite address on the internet such as for example Once you register your `` domain name, you can choose from three various wedsite packages. The difference among these packages comes from the maximum capacity you will get for uploaded photos and videos and the size of the wedsite itself. As a common feature, they all ensure that you can customize your own unique domain name and the whole process only takes a few minutes to set up. offers three different styles of templates, these are: classic, contemporary, and retro, to build your site with the look and feel that most readily suits your own tastes and is fully customizable and responsive on all devices (this means your beautiful and lovely wedsite is going to work on every one of your friends computers, mobile phones or tablets). Using your shiny new wedsite, you now have the opportunity to invite your guests, handle RSVP`s and save the date messages in an easy, transparent, and manageable way. Besides all of this, you can now share maps and directions with GPS coordinates related to the venues, share photos and upload videos and chat online with your family and friends to answer any questions they may have or send out to messages to all your guests if events are changing or being added etc. What’s more they can chat to each other as well. And, last but not least, you can register at your favourite stores and post your gift list in one convenient place. To be honest this feature is a huge helping hand for your guests and means you will get presents which you really need and like, instead of junk that goes in the garage or storage.













In summary, we can say your wedsite will definitely be your personal 24/7 planning expert. It replaces the expensive and unnecessary wedding planner and helps both of you stay organized even though you might feel like you’re going crazy sometimes. Plus, if you are active users on Facebook we have good news for you: the whole platform is Facebook ready so it is integrated with Facebook to provide a seamless approach for your upcoming wedding updates.

At a total cost of under $30 it is a great value. Welcome to the future of wedding planning!

Click here to find out more about setting up your wedding website.