Romantic winter evenings, Christmas time, celebration together with your love. This part of the year is definitely the time when the most couples are getting engaged all around the world. Soon after you wake up from your lovely dreams and the excitement wears off, you have to start organising the wedding. Moreover, this won’t be just a wedding, this will be your wedding, one of the most important days of your life. Feeling the pressure, you might panic, but don’t freak out too much, because we selected the main steps which you need to go through to make sure you have everything organised.

First of all, sit down with your fiancé and share the responsibilities. You can avoid a lot of misunderstandings or fights during the planning stage, if you clearly assign which tasks are yours, which ones need to be done by him or her and which ones you should take care of together. Create and share a document in Google Docs or Sheets where you can record all details and information related to your wedding and allocate your budget. This document becomes your holy book for the next period and needs to be updated continuously.

After this you need to set the budget for your wedding. You shouldn’t choose anything before deciding on your budget because it will determine everything. Figure out all contributions and write down all the funds you have available in the spreadsheet mentioned before and then you can start to plan how to spend it.

As a next step choose the date and the perfect venue. Think of which season of the year you prefer and what kind of venue you have been dreaming of. Try to choose at least two possible dates and research the venues as soon as possible, because the best ones are usually booked a year and a half in advance.
Would you like to get married on a sandy private beach somewhere on the Caribbean islands, in a chapel with a rustic ballroom in Europe, or on the roof floor of a modern hotel in New York? The preferred style and atmosphere of your wedding can help you find the perfect venue: DIY, modern, vintage, fantasy… there are a million of styles out there! We recommend contacting and visiting the venues and discussing everything in person.

Begin to create your guest lists and take your time to finalize this. This might be one of the most difficult part to organize, because you would like to invite all of your loved ones, family members, friends BUT either your budget or the venue will set the limit on this. Create two lists, first you write those family members and friends who you definitely want to celebrate with you, and the other list should contain those people who may not be closest to you but you would still like to invite if possible, once you see if they “fit in the budget” or not.
Don’t forget there are fixed costs like your dress, the venue, the band, the ceremony, and variable costs which will depend on the size of your guest list (catering, favors, transportation).

You have the venue and the date chosen, you have decided on the guests, so now it`s time to research and contact the vendors who will make your day unforgettable and as perfect as you have been dreaming of. I won’t lie, it won’t be easy to find the best vendors at all, but if you spend enough time researching, reading reviews, and meeting them, you will be happy with your final choice.
The following list tells you what kind of vendors you need to take into consideration (each type of vendor should be recorded in your spreadsheet separately): wedding photographers, stationery, florist, bridal salon, DJ or musician, wedding planner, hotels, travel agency, jeweler, hairdresser and beauty salon, videographer, bar service, caterer, ceremony accessories, dance teacher, confectioner, favor and gifts shop, service staff, transportation company, wedding designer, wedding gift registry service. Make sure that you get your agreements with them in writing as well, and read everything thoroughly before putting down the deposit.

Once you’ve hired all of your vendors and discussed the main happenings of your big day, you can sort everything out together step by step.