The pandemic continues to rage, but your love remains strong. If you don’t want to wait for a vaccine, then you’ll need to figure out a safe, socially distanced wedding planning that lets you celebrate without endangering you, your spouse-to-be, or your guests.

Fortunately there are plenty of workarounds for pandemic conditions.

A “Covid Bubble” Wedding

If you have already been observing safety procedures within a small social group, then you can just extend the tradition. Have a small, backyard wedding or even a pretty destination wedding somewhere close-by.

There are dozens of ideas for truly classy, intimate weddings out there, and you can make your day truly special.

Want to include people outside of your “bubble?” Invite friends and family members who are too far away to be included or who don’t observe the same level of precautions as you to record a video message. You can put all the messages together in one big video that includes a recording of the ceremony itself. Send it out and enjoy creating a beautiful memento of your wedding day.

An Outdoor Masked Wedding

Masked, outdoor gatherings carry a very low risk of transmitting the virus, especially if everyone is wearing their masks correctly. Using a slightly larger outdoor venue than you might otherwise use for the number of guests you’re entertaining also offers opportunities for social distancing, keeping everyone safe and also care about weeding guests.

There are plenty of boutique companies that are now crafting gorgeous wedding masks for brides and grooms. There are also luxury masks available for guests of every stripe. If you make your mask into your fashion statement it won’t ruin your wedding photos at all.

Private Ceremony, Virtual Reception

Now might just be a great time to get a small ceremony with an officiant and two witnesses, masked and in private, and to celebrate in other ways. While having a reception via Zoom isn’t quite the same, it does carry the benefit of allowing everyone to stay safe at home, and off the roads where the risks of car accidents add to the risks of overloading hospitals and transmitting the virus.

Have everyone crack open their favorite drink, make their toasts, chat for a while, and end the call feeling happy. To avoid call fatigue this should take no more than an hour. While it’s a very “2020” way to get married, it lets you start building your married life with a minimum of fanfare and exposure.

Remember why you’re getting married!

No matter what creative solution you adopt, it’s not going to “be the same” as a wedding you might have had before a global pandemic changed everything for everyone. Just remember the purpose of a wedding is to celebrate. If you can find a way to enjoy your wedding then the wedding has done its job.

The wedding lasts a single day. Your marriage will last a lifetime. Try not to obsess over the ceremony. Instead, think about planning a wedding including something special for you and your spouse, something that will start your marriage off on the right foot. Commit to your lasting love. Someday your COVID-alterations will make a fine story to share with the rest of your family!