Nowadays there are plenty of reasons to create an online platform for sharing your happiest moments and all the useful details of your big day, but you might need to know more about the opportunities in order to create a really beautiful and useful wedding website (AKA wedsite) which will last forever.

Organising a wedding includes so many aspects including, of course, the big day itself as well as all of the other gatherings and happenings before and after, like the stag or bachelor party the bachelorette or hen party all the way through to the honeymoon etc. The planning process for all of these is always a most heart-filled and beloved experience although it is without a doubt a significant undertaking and a big job for the newly engaged couple placing enormous demands of you and on your time. It is a big project to manage. As is the case with most significant occasions, weddings can have lot of hidden elements which are unforeseen in advance and to navigate your way through all of this you have to use all your best organization and multitasking skills. It sounds like the job description for a Project Coordinator role, right? Wedding planners do exist and charge an enormous amount of money to take on just this, however they are not really necessary if you put some available tools to work for you. So don’t worry! Your wedding is not just work, it is the happiest day of your life and proves your everlasting love, it just needs a little help to make it as perfect as your most cherished dreams.

The structure and tasks of weddings haven’t changed a lot in the past few decades but with the spread of the internet (Hurray!) you now have the capacity to build a wedsite where you can collect and share all this required and useful information: directions, venues with maps, details of the schedule, facts about the couple like how they met and fell in love, RSVP`s and wedding gift shop registries. Let me introduce you to, a pre-built solution which supports you in getting your wedding website up and running in minutes. allows you to coordinate everything in one place. The coolest characteristic of the site is that you can have a really unique .love domain combined with your first names, surnames or nicknames, so you can get have a beautiful and unforgettable wedsite address on the internet such as for example Once you register your `` domain name, you can choose from three various wedsite packages. The difference among these packages comes from the maximum capacity you will get for uploaded photos and videos and the size of the wedsite itself. As a common feature, they all ensure that you can customize your own unique domain name and the whole process only takes a few minutes to set up. offers three different styles of templates, these are: classic, contemporary, and retro, to build your site with the look and feel that most readily suits your own tastes and is fully customizable and responsive on all devices (this means your beautiful and lovely wedsite is going to work on every one of your friends computers, mobile phones or tablets). Using your shiny new wedsite, you now have the opportunity to invite your guests, handle RSVP`s and save the date messages in an easy, transparent, and manageable way. Besides all of this, you can now share maps and directions with GPS coordinates related to the venues, share photos and upload videos and chat online with your family and friends to answer any questions they may have or send out to messages to all your guests if events are changing or being added etc. What’s more they can chat to each other as well. And, last but not least, you can register at your favourite stores and post your gift list in one convenient place. To be honest this feature is a huge helping hand for your guests and means you will get presents which you really need and like, instead of junk that goes in the garage or storage.

In summary, we can say your wedsite will definitely be your personal 24/7 planning expert. It replaces the expensive and unnecessary wedding planner and helps both of you stay organized even though you might feel like you’re going crazy sometimes. Plus, if you are active users on Facebook we have good news for you: the whole platform is Facebook ready so it is integrated with Facebook to provide a seamless approach for your upcoming wedding updates.

At a total cost of under $30 it is a great value. Welcome to the future of wedding planning!

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