Choosing your dress is one of the biggest decisions in your life- make sure you choose the right one!


First things first, most girls have an idea as to what dress they thing they will be getting married in on their big day. You need to take a number of things into account prior to even stepping foot into the the dress shop;

  • Consider your body shape – choose the dress that helps accentuate your best features,
  • Think about any color schemes that you have in mind for the big day
  • Ensure that you go to as many dress shops as possible, this will help you compare not only prices but potentially different designers/styles.

Body types and dresses


It is exceptionally important to ensure that you choose the correct dress for your body type. Dresses may look lovely on a mannequin but that doesn’t necessarily translate into the dress of your dreams below are a few ideas for body types to dress styles to help avoid wedding dress fails;


Pear figure – narrow mid section which then flares out which helps accentuate the narrowness of the midsection and takes the eyes away from the hips

Petite figure- Sheath and close fitting dresses help accentuate your curves and makes the illusion of stretching your silhouette vertically.

Hourglass figure – fitted bodices work best on this shape as this helps show off your curves.



Shopping for the “one”

When shopping for your perfect dress there are number of considerations you must take into account prior to booking your appointments. You must take a close of your girls to come with you to not only help you keep on task but also help drink all that Prosecco! You must also try and book as early in the day as possible, as this will help avoid clashes with other brides – nobody wants a Bridezilla in their shop. You must also think about stylists, not every shop will have Vera Wang on the hangers, you have to consider your appointments accordingly.


Finally the best advice is to go and have fun! Dress shopping is something you and your friends and close family can all get involved in and they will definitely let you know if it is the right one or not as soon as you try it on. This is the one day where everything is about you – so make a statement!