Planning an Outdoor wedding can be lovely, romantic, and magical. This can also become uncomfortable and complicated if you don’t plan well enough.

Fortunately, there are only a few tricks and tips that you have to absorb to make your outdoor wedding a lovely event.

Know the seasons at your location

If you’re getting married close to home this shouldn’t be hard. For example, if you’re getting married in some parts of California there are days when the wind is absolutely intolerable. If you’re getting married in Louisiana then you know that January is a 70 degree paradise, December is all biting, miserable, damp cold and August is a big “no” unless you want every guest to be a sweating, dehydrated heap.

If you are planning a destination wedding then you need to call someone and ask about these kinds of considerations. The local Chamber of Commerce or Tourist Board will know everything you need to know.

Do this before you go venue shopping so you can decide on a sensible date.

Don’t forget about your rainy day contingency plan

Every outdoor wedding should come with a pretty tent large enough to accommodate all the guests, or with an emergency indoor venue where you can escape if you need to. Rain happens, no matter how well you plan.

You might even put up your tent if the skies are clear. It can provide much-needed shade, protection against insects, and a pretty place to decorate.

Plan for power needs

You’ll probably need some outlets or generators. For lights, DJ, microphones and a lot more than you might think, in other words.

Take a survey of everything that will need a plug. You can rent generators, and many will be super quiet. Of course, some venues will already have outdoor plugs available. If so, locate them, make sure they all work, and make sure you plan your layout around where those plugs will be.

Remember restrooms

People will need to use them during your event. Ideally the venue will have a few indoor restrooms handy…nobody wants to go to a porta-potty in formal wear.

Some couples rent a trailer and provide umbrellas or a covered path to get from the tent to the trailer. There are restroom trailers devoted exclusively to providing facilities, and these can be nicer. They’re costly, but they’ll go a long way towards making your guests comfortable.

Add lighting

You’ll want to add some lighting even if your wedding takes place during the daytime. If it does rain then the area can get pretty dark. Besides, gorgeous hanging lights, paper lanterns, or fairy lights can be just the decorating touch you need to add a hint of magic.

If there will be paths to restrooms or indoor areas make sure those paths are well lit, especially if the wedding or reception will continue on into the night.

Stay positive!

Planning an outdoor wedding may feel risky, but plenty take place every single year without a hitch. All you need to make yours into the gorgeous dream wedding you’ve always hoped for is some planning and creativity.