If you have missed going to your best friend’s wedding due to an important meeting, then you probably also did not get the chance to give a gift. Therefore, in this situation, you can break their misunderstand by giving them a wonderful present. However, in this article, we will talk about wedding gift ideas for couple already living together.

I am quite sure they will love it and appreciate the gift. Moreover, all the presents are not very costly but classy. Spend some time here so that you will not have to regret it later.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple Already Living Together

Despite attending the program, whether family members or friends, many guests like to give the present once the wedding is completed. This is because the wedding couple also does not like it if they get many common gifts.

So, it would be better to select some unique and fancy engagement gifts for couples living together (Like you can gift them a getting married website of their wedding photos and videos). Take a look at some of those that are stated below.

1. Cash

Giving cash is a brilliant idea because you never know what the newly married couple does not have. Moreover, this is not only constant in the case of couples. Even if you are giving an adequate amount of cash, you will have a big smile on your face.

So the best way to give it is by locking the money into an attractive envelope. Doing this will reduce the chance of losing even a thousand dollar note.

2. Cooking Utensils

Cooking utensils are beneficial for couples who decided to live separately other than in a joint family. Moreover, newly weeded couples should be given the space to know each other well to create a great pair.

So while visiting them, you can carry some essential cooking utensils like a frying pan, knife, mixing bowls, cutting board, peeler, and so on, so that their cooking experience can be fun.

3. Dishware

After finishing the cooking procedure, they obviously need to pour it into dishwares like plates, trays, glasses, bowls, etc. So, if you gift them some sets of fancy dishware, these will increase the beauty of their table along with their faces. Some of the excellent materials that are best for making dishwares are:

  • Melamine
  • Stoneware
  • Porcelain
  • Earthenware
  • Vitrified dishware, and
  • Bone china

All these can be used both inside and outside the house. Outside in case if they plan for a trip.

4. Luggage For Honeymoon

Luggage is essential whether for a newlywed couple or someone who wants to go on a distant trip. Moreover, for going on honeymoon, the couple needs to take all their essential things like dresses, shoes, makeup items, perfumes, etc. Therefore, they will need a suitcase with more space to pack them all.

You can look for some branded and high-quality luggage both in the online and physical shops to give them as a wedding gift. Furthermore, it can be one of the excellent honeymoon gift ideas for couples.

5. Coffee Machine

You indeed love coffee so do newlywed couples. You can hardly find some people who say no to coffee. Moreover, coffee can even change your bad mood and allow you to enjoy the present moment.

A coffee machine is not that much costly, and if you want you along with some other friends, can gift it. And then, the couple can start and end the day with a cup of lovely hot coffee.

6. Comforter

Sleeping inside the comforter is a very romantic moment for the newlywed couple. Moreover, a comforter is softer than a blanket. Many people even have allergies to blanket as it has fur.

Therefore, the comforter is an upgraded idea to gift and give an attractive look to the bed. However, they just need to turn on the AC and enjoy the moment.

7. Home Decor

Home decors give life to a house. Even if there is nothing in the house, the home decor will make the house look attractive and decorative. However, some stunning and beautiful home decor would be:

  • Flower vase
  • Door hanging toran
  • Aesthetic pots
  • Colorful lights
  • Fine arts
  • Wall clock
  • Attractive pillowcase for sofa
  • Carpet

They are all affordable, and everyone would love to add these home decor materials to their house.

8. Photo Frames

Photo frames can be adorable gifts. However, it might not be costly but can lock the memories very preciously on the walls of your house or beside your bed’s table. You can gift 2 sided photo frame or a single side one.

My opinion is to give at least two to three frames so that the favorite photos can take the places.

9. Electric Water Kettle

One of the seasons that most couples choose to wed is “Winter.” Because it is at a time cold and romantic and nobody wants to enjoy the snow alone. Moreover, while enjoying the snow, they might catch a cold.

So to overcome it, they would need an electric water kettle. And if you gift this, it will show how concern you are about the couples.

10. Wine Subscription Bottle

In cold countries like the United States, having wine is essential. This is because wine contains alcohol, and alcohol helps to keep the body warm. Therefore, a wine subscription bottle would be a great choice to gift, which will last for about a month.

Furthermore, the couples will not have to go to the bar and can enjoy the moment together alone at home. If you are considering gifting non-traditional wedding gifts, this could be a good choice.

The Final Verdict

There is nobody who does not love gifts. From small children to adults, people of all ages love present without seeing the price tag or asking the price. But choosing traditional or non-traditional wedding gifts for couples is very tricky and fun.

However, you have learned about 10 brilliant wedding gift ideas for couple already living together. They are all classy, affordable, and fancy. You can gift any of them, whether to one of your family members or friends who just got married a few days ago.