Wedding photography can be full of pitfalls- make sure you don’t fall into any


Without doubt the photography of your big day is one of the most important aspects of any Wedding. It is critical that you get a photographer who understands the concept and theme of your wedding and will try their best to shoot the best shots accordingly.

It can be a brain wracking exercise as there are many photographers keen on getting your business for your wedding, it is a scary transaction as you are paying for something that you cannot see until maybe 2 months after the event and you are having to pray everything turns out ok! Scary right? well there are few things you can do to help yourself out!

Decide at an early stage as to what you feel would be the right photography for you, do you want posed photographs whereby a stage is set and you are invited to perform, or do you want a more casual and relaxed setting in that the photographer can be snapping away and you could be oblivious to this.

On this basis you can then narrow down the search to the types of photographer you want, it is then imperative you meet with as many as you can and choose the one you like.  You are going to be spending an entire with these people so it is important you like them so they can get the best poses out of you. If you choose someone you are not keen on, towards the end of the day when you are tired and you just want to sit down and the photographer suggests a couple of shots at the other end of the venue , it is unlikely that the pictures will be model-esque.

Ensure you get to see as much of their work prior to booking them. Try and go to their studio and see some of their previous work and determine if it is the right quality for you. From here you can also see if their price is realistic for what they are wanting to charge you. This can also help as normally a photographer will bring their best pictures with them and leave the others in the studio, ensure you look through an entire album and make sure they are all of the same quality.

More and more photographers are offering studio time before your wedding – this allows you time so you can get used to each other and how they will direct you. This will also help in terms of being able to review the studio pics before the big day, if you aren’t happy you can tell them before the day.

Finally make sure you go to as many wedding fairs as possible as the most popular photographers will be there and will be vying for your business, play hard to get and get them competing for you business and you cannot go wrong!